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Our best-selling titles:

SENSITIVE SCHOOLING - the Gaits, Bend & Transitions (4 hrs)

Sylvia explains as she rides, exactly how to school the novice horse. Four separate Movies and dozens of interactive clips of other breeds and riders give extraordinary insights and real value for money!

COLLECTION EXPLORED AND CONFIRMED - shows the same horse 3 years on.

How to achieve a complete transformation in balance and outline. First steps in Changes, Piaffe, Passage and Spanish Walk - all explained in simple language.

THE CLASSICAL SEAT series: Our steady seller.

How to improve your Aids and understanding of technique - at every level, you can't beat this favourite film.

PERFECT LATERALS teaches you to teach your horse the specifics of each movement and how to work your horse kindly 'on the bit'.

BALANCE & BODYWORK: Novice to advanced.

Correct your crookedness with easy to follow weight aids. This film is revolutionary!




The Classical Seat Video Company has been steadily producing equestrian films of quality for over 20 years. Our films are instructional, show real-life situations and ordinary horses and riders.

They are designed to provide a means of self-help for people keen to move up the levels or simply have a responsive, well-balanced horse.

They are also very popular with instructors - as a source of support and reference.

The different titles cater for riders at each and every level of training - from complete beginner to Grand Prix.

With distributors in the UK, USA and Australia, our films are available in both Pal and VHS format On-line sales go out to over 60 different countries.

Sylvia, who founded the Company with film maker Alan, continues to teach both at home and abroad.

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As the only British person to become an Instructor of Portugal, her background is strictly classical.

Not only is the work correct and ethical, but it is based on proven principles that have stood the test of time.

Sylvia despises force and gadgets, aiming to have a happy and relaxed horse throughout.

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In addition to our DVD and video titles, you will find both of Sylvia's THE CLASSICAL SEAT books on-line. THE CLASSICAL SEAT (red edition) was first published in l988 but is still very popular today THE CLASSICAL SEAT (blue edition) is an updated version of the first book, with new photos and colour throughout.

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Sylvia's blockbuster Novel - AN ALGARVE AFFAIR - which has been 30 years in the making is also on sale. At 520 odd pages, it is a slightly racy, but compulsive read and she has already enjoyed excellent reviews. But be warned... this book is NOT about horses!

All books bought on line are signed by the Author.

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