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CRC 21st Anniversary Dressage Convention (PAL Format) (Sylvia Loch)

To celebrate a unique occasion, this DVD from the CRC 21st Anniversary Dressage Convention show-cases the work of 5 international Classical Trainers from France, Germany, Portugal and the UK.

Price: £22.50






Sensitive Schooling Volume 1 - The Gaits & Transitions (PAL Format) (Sylvia Loch)

This popular self-help DVD has transformed the lives of thousands of horses, working at home with their owner.

Each movie is completely unrehearsed; we see a very novice horse being schooled correctly and enjoying the work as he grows in ability and confidence.  With dozens of clips to show how other horses and riders cope with similar situations, every eventuality is catered for.

Price: £ 24.95 / € 30.00




Sensitive Schooling Vols. 2 and 3 (PAL Format) (Sylvia Loch)

Collection Explored and Confirmed for the serious dressage student shows all the techniques of taking the mature horse to a higher level.

Here we are shown how to develop lightness without gadgets or stronger contact, and how roundness must start with the hindlimb joints.

All the exercises demonstrated on a number of horses show how to develop flexibility, strength behind and engagement. A truly inspirational DVD for those aiming for higher things.

Price: £ 35.50 / € 43.00 (2 disc set)





Balance & Bodywork (PAL Format) (Sylvia Loch)

Balance & Bodywork allows the viewer a revolutionary insight into how to ride and school a horse from the perspective of Perfect Balance.

This DVD is proving a world-beater as riders of every discipline find their posture, fitness and balance transformed.

Both on and off the horse, this step by step DVD develops our sense of FEEL with NLP and cognitive learning.

Very reasonably priced, this  2 hour plus DVD is a must for learning the correct weight aids. After just one session, the results can be mind-blowing.

Price: £ 24.95 / € 30.00





The Classical Seat - Perfect Laterals Trilogy (PAL Format) (Sylvia Loch)

The road to collection is paved with good riding practices.  Here, Shoulder in, Travers towards Half-Pass, and On the Bit (3 separate films) are incorporated into one DVD to help you and your horse progress up the training scales.

Price: £ 35.95 / € 43.00





The Classical Seat Series (PAL Format) (Sylvia Loch)

The Classical Seat was first published in book form in 1988 - it has since gone to seven editions and is still a world bestseller as is its Video of the same title. In this DVD you will find all three separate films of The Classical Seat appearing in order as Classical Seat I, II and III.

This takes horse and rider from Novice level all the way to Advanced.

Price: £ 35.95 / € 43.00





Getting On (PAL Format) (Sylvia Loch)

Getting On & Staying On. 2 brilliant films for the price of 1

Getting On shows 2 complete beginners learn how to ride and handle their pony correctly and safely. Good for parents too!

Staying On is a really exciting way of teaching experienced children get maximum performance from their pony.

Sticking points like transitions and canter leads are superbly explained.

Price: £ 19.95 / € 24.00





Training Programme - Stop! Go! Turn! (PAL Format) (Claire Lilley)

This DVD explains the basics of riding. Whether you are a novice rider just starting out, or an experienced rider wanting to brush up on your skills, this DVD is for you, whatever age you are!

Price: £24.94 / &8364;30.50





Training Programme - The Scales of Training (PAL Format) (Claire Lilley)

The Scales of Training refer to the basic schooling of every horse whether the rider wishes to concentrate on dressage, jumping or cross country and are essential to any horse's physical and mental development.

Price: £22.99 / € 28.00





Training Programme - Lungeing (PAL Format) (Claire Lilley)

Lungeing plays an important part in a horse's training. A couple of lunge sessions each week will help to strengthen your horse's back muscles and make him more supple and easier to ride. Lungeing him before you ride will loosen him up and settle him before you get on him.

Price: £ 22.95 / € 28.00





Training Programme - Poles (PAL Format) (Claire Lilley)

Pole work helps to develop your horse's strength, suppleness and obedience and your own concentration and accuracy as a rider. Training sessions can be made more interesting for you and your horse whether you enjoy jumping, dressage, or riding in the countryside.

Price: £ 22.95 / € 28.00





Training Programme - Show Jumping (Pal Format) (Claire Lilley)

Jumping plays an important part in every horse's training. Gymnastic work helps to strengthen your horse's muscles and make him more supple and powerful. You do not need to tackle huge obstacles to reap the benefits, but the skills required to tackle a round of jumps such as being confident and able to turn, keep straight, and to regulate speed and rhythm are all aspects of riding that are so important in all disciplines.

Price: £ 22.95 / € 28.00




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